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Please place your orders on Wednesdays for Fridays pick up. Some dishes require a minimum of guests.


Hummus chickpeas, tahini, olive oil Babaganouj eggplant, tahini, garlic, parsley Green Tahini sesame seed butter, lemon, parsley Matbucha grape tomato chutney Mediterranean Eggplant marinated and roasted eggplant Z’aatar Pita/Chips


Kube spiced ground lamb, pine nuts, herbs in crispy bulgur Dolmeh lamb or vegetarian stuffed grape leaves Suffed Red and Yellow Peppers lamb or vegetarian Fried Cauliflower


Matzo Ball Chicken with Fresh, Handmade Noodles Chicken with Vegetables(gluten free) Seasonal Soup


Creamy Mashed Potato (dairy free) Tri-Colored Fingerling Roasted Potatoes Roasted Seasonal Vegetables Basmati Rice Freekeh of the Week


Israeli Salad cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, lemon dressing Tabbouleh bulgur, tomato, cucumber, parsley Moroccan Carrots cumin, parsley, lemon dressing Red Beets fresh beets, lemon, cumin Chick Pea Salad chick peas, sundried tomatoes, feta,
red bell peppers, lemon dressing Market Green Salad farm to table, varies


Chef’s Weekly special Salmon Fillet marinated and roasted with lemon-dill sauce on the side Grilled Curry Chicken Breast Roasted Rack of Lamb Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder Chef David’s Brisket Traditional Lamb Musakka Maklube dish of pilaf with chicken or lamb and vegetables Tagine Vegetarian, Fish, Chicken, Lamb, Beef Reserve Specialty wines available upon request. Please ask for details.