Posh Retail Selection

Our dips, salads below are available and sold in 8oz (half a pound) or pint size (one pound)

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Farm to Table
Not all items are Available Daily.


Sold in 8oz (half a pound) or pint size (one pound)HummusBabaganoushGreen TahiniMatbuchaMildly spicy cooked salad made of Tomatoes roasted bell peepersHarrissaHot chili sauce

ZhugHot fresh pepper chili sauce

Chick Pea & Feta Salad


Israeli Salad

Beets Salad

Mediterranean Eggplant

Quinoa w/Cherries, Apricots Almonds

Mediterranean Tuna, Capers, Kalamata olives, Preserved lemons, Parsley

Walnut Chicken, Grapes, Walnuts, Tarragon

Curry Chicken, Apricots Almonds


Mildly spicy tomato pepper sauce
Handcrafted Granola sold by the pound


Sold in Pints & Quarts

Tomato Basil Gluten & Dairy Free, Vegetarian

Orange-Carrot-GingerVegetarian, Gluten, Dairy Free

Gazpacho (seasonal)Gluten, Dairy Free and Vegetarian

Lentil Gluten & Dairy Free, Vegetarian

Lentil, VegetablesGluten, Dairy Free and Vegetarian

Split Pea Gluten & Dairy Free, Vegetarian

White Bean Gluten & Dairy Free, Vegetarian

Butternut SquashGluten, Dairy Free and Vegetarian

VegetableGluten, Dairy Free and Vegetarian

Chicken Dairy free

Curry Chicken, VegetablesBasmati Rice

Turkey Chili SoupGluten & Dairy Free

Beet Root and Brisket SoupDairy and Gluten Free
Organic – Sustainable Raised – Wild Caught Fish
Pasture Raised – All Natural Poultry
Grass Fed Beef – Domestic Lamb