Simona Edery is the energetic and dynamic force that moves the company forward. She has exquisite taste and high expectations.  Her passion for both food and people is reflected in the care she puts into each aspect of the business.

Operations manager

Tal Bonen is familiar with every aspect of the business. He is endowed with a sensitive and rare soul and an endless ability to listen – to the staff, the customers, the suppliers and so on.

Senior Kitchen Manager

Elida Alvarado is one of our most beloved team members.  She has countless talents, an amazing culinary flair, is dedicated and attentive to all details of our business.  She loves to sing while cooking and makes everyone happy with her presence.

Senior Line Manager

Edith Viallanueva is a hardworking team member.  Her attention to detail and care is extraordinary.  Her ability to plate each dish beautifully even during extreme pressure is astounding.  Her dedication and care is evident in all aspects of her job.

Other team members– all valuable and all amazing.  We are in awe of how committed and dedicated they are.